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Celeste Pastel 1.jpg
Beckys Grandson 2 Painting.jpg
Beckys Grandson 1 Painting.jpg
06 Beckys Grandsons Masterpiece.jpg
05 Beckys Grandson.jpg
04 Beckys Grandson.jpg
03 Beckys Grandson.jpg
02 Beckys Grandson Painting.jpg
01 Beckys Grandson Painting.jpg
Young Painter.jpg
Welcome Easel Sign.jpg
Teaching Eager Girl 2.jpg
Teaching Eager Girl 1.jpg
Teachers Easel with Msg.jpg
Smiling Clay Artist Sculpture.jpg
Smiling Clay Artist.jpg
Signing In.jpg
Rassans Fashion Painting.jpg
Rassan Painting.jpg
Prep Work Celeste.jpg
Pastel Wrkshp Child 4 Final Proj.jpg
Pastel Wrkshp Child 3 Final Proj.jpg
Pastel Wrkshp Child 2 Final Proj.jpg
Pastel Geometrics.jpg
Pastel Class in Pastel Studio.jpg
Older Boy Painting.jpg
Office Space Available.jpg
Mojo with Balloon Heart.jpg
Me Snorkeling.jpg
Little Artist Masterpiece.jpg
Little Artist 4.jpg
Little Artist 3.jpg
Little Artist 2.jpg
Little Artist 1.jpg
Little Artist.jpg
Little Artis 5.jpg
Just Haley.jpg
Heaven Painting.jpg
Heaven and Me Drawing.jpg
Happy Little Artist.jpg
Girl With Clay Bowl.jpg
Girl Creating Clay Bowl.jpg
Expressions Studio Gallery Bldg.jpg
Empty Studio.jpg
Condras Finished Portrait.jpg
Condra Enjoying Pastels.jpg
Clay Surgery.jpg
Celeste Pastel 2.jpg

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